ArtGlider™ is a highly compact storage and display system for hanging works of art and artifacts. Sliding panels allow immediate access to and viewing of any piece in your inventory. ArtGlider multiplies existing wall space up to 5 times for both storage and/or display.

Here are additional significant features:
  1. ArtGlider is a free-standing system, not attached to the floor or ceiling*.
  2. ArtGlider is completely modular. A system of any size can be assembled to fit the available space, expanded in length, width, height and depth, and easily moved to another location. For example, start with a fixed set of panels along a wall. Later, add a sliding row in front and additional sliding rows as the need grows.
  3. ArtGlider systems come complete with every component supplied. Installation is quick and clean; done by SpaceNow! or your own contractor or staff.
  4. Systems can be easily disassembled and compactly stored; ideal for handling of temporary shows or traveling exhibits.
  5. ArtGlider meets strict archival standards and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

*The rear screen panel is typically attached to the wall. For installations away from a wall, the rear screens can be mounted to the floor for stability.

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