Case Histories

U.S. CENSUS BUREAU, 12 Offices.
Systems could not be attached to the floor and had to be modular. In preparation for the 2010 census, the U.S. Census bureau hired thousands of additional personnel each of whom has to have his or her own file folder. Twelve regional offices were set up from New York to Los Angeles, each in spaces on short-term leases for the duration of the census process. It was determined that to minimize the the necessary space required, high density movable file shelving would be ideal. However, in anticipation of having to move and relocate the systems after the census was completed, the Bureau established three basic requirements: The systems could not be attached to the building floors so as not to incur the costs to repair the floors when moving; the systems had to be modular so they could be extensively reconfigured to fit into new spaces of different dimensions; and delivery had to made within a relatively short time. Because SpaceNow! systems do not require attachment to the floor in any way, are able to be reconfigured in both length and width using the same components, and are kept in inventory for very quick delivery, the Bureau determined that SpaceNow! was the logical choice and was awarded the contract.

AXA FINANCIAL (formerly Equitable Life), New Jersey..
Increases capacity 60% and saves $6000/yr. A branch office of this huge insurance company was moving to newly-leased space and realized that not enough area had been allocated for all the lateral file cabinets being brought in. By "mobilizing" these files, all were accommodated in the available space-a 60% increase over a conventional fixed arrangement-and $6000 per year was saved because additional space was not needed.

Modularity and flexibility saves the day. A high density system for supplies storage was ordered for a large room still under construction. The size of the system, 12ft wide x 14ft long, was based on the room size according to the architect's plans. The system was delivered on time to meet completion of the room. However, when the installers arrived they discovered that the room size had been changed without notice to SpaceNow! or the dealer, and the room was now only wide enough for a system 9ft wide. Because the SpaceNow! system is completely modular, the installers simply assembled it to be 9ft wide instead of 12 and, in fact, used the "leftover" parts to increase the overall length from 14ft to 17ft. What could have been a very costly and time-consuming error remained a routine job installed on time.

Quick turnaround saves millions. A safety officer on base declared the existing movable shelving in their records center to be unsafe and ordered the facility closed until the equipment could be replaced. The center serves a large region and closing it brought a huge volume of military activity to a standstill. Their contracting officer immediately issued a bid request for a replacement system, specifying delivery within 15 days. Because the SpaceNow! system is modular and all components are kept in inventory, SpaceNow! was the only manufacturer capable of meeting the delivery requirement and therefore we got the award. In fact, we delivered within 10 days!

LARGE LAW FIRM, Baltimore, Maryland..
Mobile system pays for itself. This firm wanted to consolidate its conventional file cabinets, scattered throughout the organization, into a single, central location. When a layout for a high density mobile system was done for the area designated for filing, it was realized that not only could all the on-site files be easily accommodated, but that all the off-site records could be kept on the premises as well. It was further discovered that when the costs of keeping records off-site was calculated-rental and handling charges plus employee time required to travel to and from the off-site location-the total cost of off-site storage exceeded, on a monthly basis, the cost of leasing the entire mobile system. Thus, the new system not only pays for itself, but actually produces "revenue" each month.

KIREI BEAUTY, Hair Products & Beauty Supplies..
Huge inventory must fit into limited space and be instantly accessible. This busy hair products, beauty supply store and salon has over 1 million SKUs on site which have to be quickly accessible by the salespeople working with individual customers. The store's architects called SpaceNow! for ideas to meet this difficult requirement saying that none of the existing products and systems they could find would do the job. It was obvious that the inventory, mostly cards hung on slatwall hooks, could not be in an area entirely separate from the selling floor and, as the project developed, we and the architect's designers and the store's owner realized that it could function as both storage and display with the added advantage of giving a salesperson access to thousands of SKUs while remaining in visual contact with the customer. Pictures of the system are included in this website.