Unique! Multiplies display space on the selling floor and in the storage area up to 500%!

Mobile SlatGrid™ does everything ordinary fixed slatwall does but offers up to 5 times more storage and display for the same wallspace. Accepts all traditional slatwall accessories. Allows you to keep inventory right on the selling floor. See-thru sliding SlatGrid screens allow viewing and immediate access to any SKU.

What the system did for this retailer:
  1. Increased inventory capacity 400%!
  2. Created an impressive display showing the customer a huge range of choices. Increased add-on and “impulse” sales.
  3. Gave the salespeople immediate access to any SKU.
  4. Kept the customer “connected” to the salesperson who doesn’t disappear into the back room and waste time searching.
  5. Allowed the retailer to use all their existing slatwall hooks, shelves and accessories.
Here are additional significant features:
  1. Completely modular. A system can be assembled to fit any space in length, width, height and depth.
  2. Expandable. Start with fixed SlatGrid screens along a wall. Later, add a sliding row in front and additional sliding rows as the need grows. Nothing is attached to the floor or ceiling.
  3. Can be installed in front of existing fixed slatwalls.

Installed in a beauty supply chain store: 27 ft. long, 5-level SlatGrid™ System with 1 level of fixed screens along the wall and 4 levels of sliding screens in front. This system provides 1,350 square feet of storage and display surface compared to 270 sq.ft. for an ordinary slatwall.

Recently Installed in a store fixture showoom: 9 ft long, 3 level SlatGrid System with1 level of fixed screens along the wall and 2 levels of sliding screens in front. This system provides 180 square feet of storage and display surface compared to 60 sq.ft. for for ordinary slatwall.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile SlatGrid™ Inventory Storage & Display Hybrid Systems

Why is it called a hybrid system?
Because it can be used for both storage or display or both at the same time. The installation featured is in hybrid mode providing both storage and display.

What are the most important benefits of a hybrid system?
The salesperson has almost instant access to any SKU in storage while staying “connected” with the customer. Inventory is not hidden in a back room but is on display where the customer can see more products leading to additional sales or an impulse purchase. “Hidden storage becomes active selling.”

What are the benefits of a Mobile SlatGrid™ system when used for storage?
Mobile SlatGrid accepts all of the hundreds of slatwall accessories: shelves, baskets, hooks, garment hangers, shoe racks, etc. Nearly anything can be stored, even things typically stored on shelves. A mobile system can increase the capacity of fixed storage along a wall by as much as 400% with multiple sliding levels that allow access to any part of the system. Ideal for long, narrow spaces.

What are the benefits of a mobile system when used for display?
The ability to present up to four times the number of items compared to a typical fixed display along the wall.

What sizes does a Mobile SlatGrid™ system come in?
In 3-foot increments beginning at 6 feet long with no limit to the length, and up to 5 levels. Standard screen heights are 80, 100 and 120 inches high. Systems can be ordered with different spacing between mobile levels to accommodate slatwall hooks, shelves and accessories of any size.

Can an existing Mobile SlatGrid™ system be expanded?
Yes. In both length and depth. There is no limit to the length; the depth can be up to 5 levels.

Can a Mobile SlatGrid™ system be installed in front of existing slatwall?
Yes. And as mentioned before, it works with all the same accessories.

Do customers access a Mobile SlatGrid™ display by themselves?
Generally, no. The typical system is reached by the salesperson behind a counter. However, for a small system with the appropriate product it can be possible for the customer to have access.

What should I know about safety?
The display screens ride on rails recessed flush into a low-profile deck only 1-3/4” high with a non-slip, ribbed vinyl surface and sloped front molding. Each screen is linked to the rails and cannot be lifted up. At the top, the screens are attached to a sliding beam linked to the building wall.

Does a Mobile SlatGrid™ system require maintenance?
Other than routine housekeeping — occasional vacuuming of the rail deck — the system requires no maintenance. However, it is important to keep the rail deck clear of any fallen objects or debris.

Does a Mobile SlatGrid™ system come with a warranty?
Yes, for a lifetime. For as long as you own the SpaceNow! system we will replace or repair any part found defective in materials or workmanship. For one year from date of installation we will also provide or pay for the labor involved. Note: Other conditions may apply. Please ask for the complete warranty statement.

Who installs the Mobile SlatGrid™ system?
Any competent contractor can install the system. We provide a fully illustrated installation manual describing each part and every step of the process and we are available 24/7 for tech support. Also, SpaceNow! can do the installation through our own network of installers across the country.