More Applications

Here are just a few of the hundreds of uses for mobile storage systems and the creative solutions offered by SpaceNow!
This system houses the book and manuscript collection on three floors of the American Philosophical Society. Similar systems are used in public and university libraries throughout the country.
Rolled Textiles and Carpets
These systems hold precious collections of textiles, tapestries and carpets in various museums and institutions.
Hanging Garments
Used in museums for historic costume and fashion collections as well as for garment manufacturing and clothing retailer backroom inventory.
Magnetic and Optical Media
This system houses the policy holder records of one of America's largest insurance companies. Other SpaceNow! systems store tapes, discs, cartridges, film and data in many formats.
Storage Tray System
This unique installation has hundreds of trays used for storing artifacts in the ethnology collection of a major museum. Similar systems store industrial and automotive parts, clothing and other retail stock. The sliding aluminum trays are removable for carrying to a work station or moving to another location.
Golf Bags
These systems double the number of bags that can be stored in a given area.