Moving-Aisle Mechanical-Drive Shelving System

For a small office or an entire records center...
Choose a system that fits your space, your needs and your budget.
SpaceNow! puts your files and stored material on rolling carriages and tracks. Simply roll a unit aside to open an aisle in front of any shelf. It's a compact, efficient System that will double your storage space.
Features and Benefits:
SpaceNow! provides premium-grade shelving in a wide choice of sizes designed specifically for filing or storage. Shelves adjust in 1 1/2" increments to accommodate files, binders, books, supplies, and more. Or, you can save money and space by "mobilizing" your existing shelving.

SpaceNow! Systems are not anchored to the floor. You can place a SpaceNow! System on any surface, including carpeting, without damage to the floor from the use of anchor bolts or screws, grout or cement. There will be nothing to repair when you move or rearrange your space.

A SpaceNow! System is completely modular. At any time, you can add on to a system in both length and width. You can move it to another location and even change its shape! A SpaceNow! System grows as your needs grow, changes as your needs change. Nothing is ever lost or wasted. Your total investment is protected-permanently.

SpaceNow! Systems can be easily upgraded. Start with a low-cost Basic System and later add decorative End Panels, Back Panels, Aisle Keepers™ and System Lock. You can carpet the deck, add Mechanical Drives to a manual system, change Drive ratios, convert a fixed carriage to a mobile and vice versa, and add other enhancements as desired.

A SpaceNow! System is a complete, self-contained unit with every component supplied. Installation is quick, clean and quiet. No sawing, hammering, drilling, grouting and gluing in your office. No noise, dust or disruption.

LOCKABLE! A single key will lock an entire moving-aisle system to meet HIPAA privacy and security requirements; (optional).

SpaceNow! systems carry a Lifetime warranty.* It's your assurance of premium quality and protection for as long as you own the system.

SpaceNow! Systems are supported by superb customer service-before a sale, during installation, and for as long as you own the System. We pledge to give you the information you need before you buy, timely delivery and careful installation, and the ongoing support of professionals dedicated to total customer satisfaction.

*Ask for specific warranty details.

All SpaceNow! products and systems are on GSA Contract. Click here or call for details.