About Us

SpaceNow! Corporation, founded in 1993, is a leading manufacturer and innovator of high density, mobile systems for medical, legal and commercial filing and storage, and unique systems for retail storage and display. A typical system will increase capacity by two to four times in the same space and make it easier to file, find and manage your records and inventory.

SpaceNow! has thousand of installations across the country in medical practices, clinics and hospitals; legal and financial firms; pharmaceutical, banking and insurance companies; retail and industrial organizations; libraries, museums and educational institutions. Under our General Services Administration (GSA) contract for sales to government agencies we have installations in all branches of the military as well as federal, state and local government agencies.
These nationally-known organizations have the resources to find and select the best. They have chosen SpaceNow!

Madison Square Garden ·Warner-Lambert · General Foods · United Airlines · Cessna Aircraft · CableVision · U.S. Census Bureau · U.S. Small Business Administration · National Park Service · Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms · The U.S. Navy (incl. the Naval Air Station, Sicily) · U.S. Air Force · U.S. Army Corps of Engineers · Mitsubishi · The Newark Museum · The Brooklyn Museum · Crozier Fine Art Storage · Pfizer · State of Hawaii · AXA Financial (Equitable Life) · ITT Hartford Insurance · Sumitomo · American Automobile Association · Bell Labs · Lucent Technologies · AT&T · J. Crew · Men's Wearhouse · Boston Market · U.S. Postal Service · Exxon · Hewlett-Packard · Hoffmann-LaRoche · Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals · Walter Reed Medical Center · VA Medical Centers · American Arbitration Association...and a thousand more!

What makes SpaceNow! different... and better.
Lifetime Warranty! - SpaceNow! will repair or replace any part found defective or that fails during use including normal wear and tear for as long as you own the system! In addition, for one year after shipment we will pay for any labor required for the repair or replacement. Compare... to others offering warranties of one, two or even five years.
Completely Modular! - You can add to a system at any time in both length and width and even change its shape! This protects your investment as you grow your business or when you need to move to another location. Compare... to "one-shot" systems where what you bought is what you're stuck with or have to throw away.
Not Fastened to the Floor! - A SpaceNow! system can be installed on any surface including carpet, tile, wood, etc. No damage is ever done to the building and no repairs are needed when you move or re-arrange your space. Yet the system is absolutely and completely stable at all times. Compare... to the costly nightmare of moving a system that was screwed and grouted to the floor.
Average Lead Time: 10 Business Days! - It's why we call ourselves SpaceNow! Compare... to the typical lead times of 6 to 12 weeks.
On-time Shipping! - 98% of our jobs ship on the day we promise! Compare... to others who can't give a firm date or don't keep their promises.
Superb Customer Service! - SpaceNow! systems are sold, installed and serviced by a nationwide network of local dealers who will come to your office, analyze your needs, provide plans and pricing-often within 48 hours-and install a complete system in a few as 10 business days from your first call! Click on "Request a Quote" for more details.