NoTrac® Food Service
Trackless Mobile Storage Sytems

Double the capacity of the backroom storage area.
Offers special advantages for food service health inspection

NoTrac® greatly simplifies storage area sanitation! Movable shelving eliminates the problem of cleaning under fixed shelving. Simply roll the shelving aside, vacuum, sweep or mop, and move it back. And, especially, without tracks on the floor there are no grooves, crevices or edges to catch and hold dirt, debris and moisture.

· A single channel attached to the floor along the wall, or to the wall itself at floor level, guides the carriages in perfect alignment · Carriages ride on non-marring, urethane-rimmed ball-bearing wheels · Weight-carrying capacity up to 600 lbs. per foot of carriage length · Accepts any type of storage shelving or racks including existing equipment · Move manually or with mechanical drive · Lockable systems · Simple installation by you or us · ADA compliant · Lifetime warranty.* · Systems of any size from warehouse to closet.

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Fast Food
Paper Goods
Refrigerated Storage

Service Items
Refrigerated Storage

Non-perishable Food
Refrigerated Storage
Household Items

More NoTrac® Food Service advantages

· No tracks means quick, simple installation · No damage to the floor; nothing to repair if you move or re-arrange the space · No tripping hazard · No interference for rolling carts · ADA compliant; no wheelchair obstruction · Totally modular; expandable in length and width · Use in refrigerated storage rooms.