NoTrac® Trackless Moving-Aisle Storage System

The features and benefits of a SpaceNow! track and deck system but without tracks on the floor!
· A single channel attached to the floor along the wall, or to the wall itself at floor level, guides the carriages · Carriages ride on non-marring, urethane-rimmed ball-bearing wheels · Weight-carrying capacity up to 675 lbs. per foot of carriage length · Accepts any type of filing or storage shelving · Move manually or with mechanical drive · Lockable systems · Easy installation by you or us · ADA compliant · Lifetime warranty.*
Is this you?
Medical and Dental
Patient Charts Medical Supplies Office Supplies

Patient Charts Pharmacy Surgical Supplies Medical Supplies Administrative Files Office Supplies

Client Files Library Office Supplies

Client Files Office Supplies

Government -
Federal, State, Local Personnel Files Administrative Files Office Supplies Law Enforcement

General Office
Files Office Supplies Catalogs, etc.

Service Dep't Parts Customer Files Office Supplies Sales Literature

Works on Paper Ethnology Science Textiles Administration

More NoTrac® advantage
  1. Very economical
  2. Easy floor maintenance - (Hey! No tracks!)
  3. Nothing attached to the floor**
  4. Use with your existing shelving or racks
  5. Lower overall height for sprinkler clearance
  6. On GSA Contact

*Lifetime on parts; 1 year on labor
**When using baseboard wall-mount option or GlidePath™