NoTrac® Retail
Trackless Mobile Storage Sytems

Double the capacity of the stockroom storage area or free up space for more selling floor.

· A single channel attached to the floor along the wall, or to the wall itself at floor level, guides the carriages in perfect alignment · Carriages ride on non-marring, urethane-rimmed ball-bearing wheels · Weight-carrying capacity up to 600 lbs. per foot of carriage length · Accepts any type of storage shelving or racks including existing equipment · Move manually or with mechanical drive · Lockable systems · Simple installation by you or us · ADA compliant · Lifetime warranty.* · Systems of any size from warehouse to closet.

Is this you?

Retail Stockroom
Folded Garments
Hanging Garments
Leather Goods
Home Products
Nutrition center
Other Inventory
Files Office Supplies

More NoTrac® advantages

· No tracks means quick, simple installation · No damage to the floor; nothing to repair if you move or re-arrange the space · No tripping hazard · No interference for rolling carts · ADA compliant; no wheelchair obstruction · Totally modular; expandable in length and width · Use any type of shelving or racks or "mobilize" the existing.